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We would be delighted to list your activity. We are open to sign-ups from anywhere in the world.

The model is simple, we charge 15% commission on the revenue generated through our platform. There are no listing fees, you only pay commission when bookings are completed. Clients pay you directly through your online reservation software or on location. The commission is invoiced monthly by Gimifun.

Please feel free to call or WhatsApp us if you have any questions on +31615362963 or email us at

We just need the following information to set up your listings:

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If your reservation software allows for online trackable bookings we can let the visitors directly book through your Gimifun partner page. We work with FareHarbor and Rezdy.

If you do not use reservation software, we can add a booking request form. The requests will be forwarded to your email address. You can then confirm or reject the request and handle the payment.

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