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You're never too old (or too young) to learn to surf, so start today!

Duration: 2 hours per lesson
Price: starting from €30

You can choose between 3 types of lessons:
– Lesson for beginners
– Lesson for intermediate level
– Lesson for advanced level

Beginners’ Lesson:
Beginners start the lesson in the foam area in the sea, they learn to practice with water around their waist and glide on a wave that has already broken. It is important to start surfing in the foam because it is an easier area for both paddling and climbing onto the board.
Beginners use softboards, usually 8´0 to 9´0 with soft fins, which are bigger boards to give more stability.

You will learn the following:
• Lay on the board
• Paddle
• Take off (like standing on the board)
• Final position and posture for surfing the waves
• Assess the sea (currents, best waves, zones of preference for the level of initiation to surf)
• Board transportation
• Pass the waves
• Safety distance between surfers
• Finish waves, don’t dive

At the end of this level you should be able to:
• Enter the water alone
• Catching waves in the foam
• Surf the waves to the beach / foams
• Make smooth turns

Intermediate Level:
At the intermediate level, the goal is to learn how to “catch the wave” before it breaks.
The surfers will get help transitioning from soft to hard boards.

What techniques and rules are learned?
– Assess the sea by identifying the currents and possible “peaks” of surfing
– Surf etiquette and ethics – rules of conviviality, respect and priorities in the water
– Choose the waves on the outside , that is, the waves that are yet to break and are possible to surf
– Flip the board
– “Cut the green”, surf the waves parallel to the beach and not facing the sand
– First basic maneuvers (such as cut backs and bottom turns that are curves in the waves)
– Advanced techniques (such as “Duckbill” and trimming )

Advanced Level:
The lessons are adjusted to the level of the participant. There is the possibility of photographic reporting / filming (on request).

Private Lessons:
– 1 Person: 80 €
– 2 people: 100 €
– 3 People: 135 €

Booking Request for Moby Dick Surf School

Please indicate in the remarks the amount of lessons you wish to book.