SkydiveSkydive Rotterdam

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Skydiving in Rotterdam
Do you like to live on the edge and beyond and are you looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush? Make a parachute jump together with a Skydive Rotterdam instructor at Rotterdam Airport. No licence needed!

Prepararation for your jump

For a so called tandem jump, no experience with parachute jumping is required , because you are firmly fastened to an experienced parajumper who has made thousands of jumps already. Before going in the air, you get a brief instruction at the Skydive Rotterdam club house. You will wear a jumpsuit, glasses and the position of your head and arms will be explained before your jump from Rotterdam Airport.


Going down with 200 km/h

After this briefing you board the large Cessna with tailsign PH-BSU, together with your instructor. During a 15 minutes climb, the pilot takes you to a cruising altitude of 4000 meters and you make the final preparation for your ultimate jump. Parachute jumping separates the boys from the men! First you make a free fall and you reach a speed of 200 km/h. After 40 seconds the instructor opens the parachute. At an easy-going speed you decend further, while you enjoy the beautiful views and the skyline of Rotterdam. It’s sometimes allowed to make a couple of turns yourself. The ‘drop zone’ is located in Rhoon, an area just west of Rotterdam, where you are picked up by van and to go back to Rotterdam Airport.


Photo and video footage of your tandem jump

Parachute jumping is quite special, so why not have a DVD and photos made of your jump? A parachutist with a helmet camera films you during the whole trip and makes beautiful footage of your jump. It’s not cheap, but it is definitely worth paying the extra money to remember this unique experience!