ActivityJeepTourSilves & Cliffs Jeep Tour

From €50
This jeep tour to Silves and Cliffs will show you the beautiful landscapes of the countryside, the mountains and the coast of the Algarve.


Possibility to drive yourself
Natural Park of Sítio das Fontes
Arade River
Castle of Silves


You will pass by the village of Ferragudo and then head towards the cliffs of the Algarve where you’ll enjoy stunning views on the ocean and deserted beaches! You’ll then go to the countryside and drive off road to visit the Natural Park of Sítio das Fontes. Subsequently, you’ll follow the Arade River to Silves, the oldest city in the Algarve.
At the end of the tour, after passing through hills, valleys and crossing a river, you will visit the Castle of Silves and walk a little through the narrow streets of the old city.

Duration: 4 hours

– If You drive: €200 per Jeep
– With a driver: €50 per person

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