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Playing an escape room is fun for a bachelor party, company outing or family outing. Work together with your team and try to escape!
At Real Escape Room Rotterdam you can play 2 exciting escape rooms or 1 tough combi room with shooting and escaping. Harrison’s squad is a combi room from which you should not escape, but where you must penetrate into a bank with the help of your gun. Or get locked up in Lab Madness or Mysterious Plague Room, a doctor and a plague master have gone insane and would be more than happy to keep you imprisoned in their rooms …


The rooms:


The Plague

The plague has been eradicated … right?
It’s the year 1836, the large mansion is still inhabited by plague master Benedict. During the Victorian era, the master still regularly works with plague victims. Most patients go to his house in quarantine, but where exactly?

It is up to you to sort this out. What’s about his mask? Is he just trying to protect himself against the contaminated air, or is he trying to conceal something else? Feel free to come into his room and take a good look around. Keep your eyes and ears open because before you know it Benedict will return home from a visit to the sick. In the room you can see various hobbies of the master; reading scientific books and his collection of human limbs in bottles. Do you dare to take a look …?


Harrisson’s Squad

Dismantle the bomb on time and save lives!
This is not a traditional escape room, you are not locked up and you do not have to escape. The aim is to help others escape. Harrison’s bank has been raided and the armed hostages have taken director Harrison, 2 employees present and 5 millionaires hostage in the lobby.

Snipers are standing on the roof and the arrest team will enter the bank in a few minutes. You are going to help. The bank robbers have placed a bomb to blow up the safe and with it the millionaires. Together with your friends / colleagues you form a bomb squad. With the special SWAT bus you go well protected, and in possession of a weapon, to the alley. At the back you enter the building through the secret corridor. Once inside, it’s up to you to detect the bomb and dismantle it in time before real casualties occur. This escape room is focused on action, but be on your guard because you never know when something can come in handy.


Lab Madness

In this room we go back to the early years of Professor Drs. H. Cl. You enter the treatment room of patient 6, where your own best friend is taken care of by the rather inexperienced doctor Harold Clark.

At first glance there seems to be nothing wrong, the doctor has only been working here for a few months. Everything is clean, sterile, pots on the shelves, instruments in the cupboard and books on the desk. But where exactly is your friend …? Not on the operating table … Nothing is what it seems so time for research. Look for hints and directions but know that the doctor sees everything. Harold Clark likes to look at his new patients from his office. When it comes down to it, you have to choose, save yourself or your friend. The doctor likes to unravel bodies, but do you know how to unravel the code? Make sure you get away before you end up on the operating table yourself!