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From €13
Try not to fall in a vortex tunnel, wander a hall of mirrors, and more!


See balls rolling upwards, water flowing uphill, and other mind-boggling sights
Play with perspectives and photograph a friend looking tiny in the chair illusion
See yourself changing size and shape in the Infinity Room, a huge hall of mirrors


Seeing is believing at the Museum of Illusions Dubai! Make your way in with this special smartphone ticket and explore the world of visual and sensory illusions.

Are you standing on a flat surface or a slanted one? Feel yourself challenging the laws of physics in the awesome anti-gravity room! How do balls roll upwards? How is that water flowing up a hill? You won’t believe it’s possible until you see it for yourself!

Elsewhere in Dubai’s craziest museum, try your best to step through a rotating cylinder, or challenge the laws of perception with a special chair that makes whoever’s sitting on it look extremely small.

Feel like you’re surrounded by infinite space in the Infinity Room, a giant hall of mirrors designed to multiply your favorite person – YOU!

It’s part magic, part your mind playing tricks, but either way it’s mind-melting fun for the whole family.

• Admission to the museum
• Admission to the Smart Playroom

Price: starting from €13

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