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Equal for All offers specialized private tours to make tourism accessible to people with reduced mobility. Book one of these tours and go explore Lisbon!


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Different themes & Itineraries: Street Art, Post Card Lisbon, Belem
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The Tours:

“Lisbon in a heartbeat” Private Tour:
Visit Bairro Alto, Alfama and Park of Nations in Lisbon!
Lisbon is a very diverse city, where the old and the modern coexist in the same street, with tradition and history in every corner.
The capital of Portugal may not be as large in size as other European capitals, but it has character and personality, which makes it fascinating to explore.

Choose between a half or full-day tour. This tour reveals the key points of this city, showing you downtown and monuments to the most recent points in history in a compact way for those who are only in Lisbon for a few hours.

This tour is designed for two or four hours.

Highlights of the half-day tour:
– Belém
– Downtown
– Historic neighborhoods

Highlights of the full-day tour:
– Belém
– Downtown
– Barrio Alto
– Alfama
– Nations’ park

Duration: 2, 4 or 8 hours
Capacity: 2 – 6 people


“Lisbon Postcard” Private Tour
Discover the Most Important Places in Lisbon!
Lisbon became known as the city of the seven hills when Friar Nicolau de Oliveira described it to Rome. It does not stop being true, for those who enter the city by the river Tagus have that perspective, but there are actually eight including a hidden one.

Olisipo, or “Felicidad Júlia” as the Romans called it, has extraordinary sights and breathtaking views of the city. In some places, we see the Tagus river kissing the city, and in others, we see the city at our feet.

The difficult thing is to choose that image worthy of being a postcard, but we can help because that’s what this tour does not miss.

– Christ the King Statue
– Edward VII Park
– Portas do Sol Viewpoint

Duration: 2 or 4 hours
Capacity: 2 – 6 people

“Lisbon Belém” Private Tour
Discover Belém and Jerome Monastery in Lisbon!
The history of Belém is rich and complex, from being the place where the Portuguese discoveries began (15th century) to hosting the seat of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union in 1992. It is an area where we lose ourselves and immerse ourselves in the history of Portugal.
On this tour, you can see Lisbon is a mixture of the old and the modern, in which buildings of the 16th century are glimpsed next to the buildings of the 20th century in full harmony. You get to know the most emblematic areas in Lisbon.

Highlights of the full-day tour:
– Monastery of Jerome
– Belém Tower
– Monument of the Discoveries
– Museums of the Navy and the Cars
– Garden of the Empire
– Overseas Garden
– Palacio da Ajuda

Highlights of the half-day tour:
– Lisbon Astronomical Observatory
– Monastery of Jerome
– Belém Tower

Duration: 2, 4 or 8 hours
Capacity: 2 – 6 people

“Lisbon Street Art” Private Tour
Join the Street Art and Graffiti Tour in Lisbon!
In an old city like Lisbon, art is not only made of statues and monuments that invoke our past as adventurous discoverers. There is now a great diversity of street art that embellishes the city even more.

Explore art on the most usual places like walls and facades of buildings, as well as creative spots like post boxes, eco-points and trash removal vehicles, leaving us with a smile and making your passage more pleasant.

– Urban Art Gallery (GAU)
– Muros das Amoreiras and Rua das Murtas
– Chão do Loureiro Parking Garage

When booking, please enter your country in the field of special remarks/request and we will try to introduce works of authors from your country on the tour.

Duration: 4 hours
Capacity: 2 – 6 people

“Festas de Lisboa”: the “Festivities of Lisbon” Private Tour
Discover the Saint Anthony Festival in Lisbon!
Throughout the month of June, Lisbon is in Festa. Saint Anthony is celebrated. The festivals have always been the junction of the religious with the pagan, the celebration of his patron saint and the summer solstice.
Throughout the centuries, these celebrations have been perfected to celebrate the day of St. Anthony, the stingrays scattered throughout the city and the rivalry between their neighborhoods shown in the popular marches.

This tour starts at 5:00 p.m. and goes into the night, capturing the traditions of the little girls.
This tour is only held during the month of June.

Points of interest:
– Fado Museum
– Altice Arena neighborhood competition
– Alfama
– Stingrays

Duration: 8 hours
Capacity: 2 – 6 people
– 2 persons: €100
– 4 persons: €160
– 6 persons: €210

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