Escape roomHet Mysterie van de Kist

From €9
It is now also possible to play an escape room at Bowling & Partycentrum Krimpenhof: THE MYSTERY OF THE CHEST!
The game starts immediately with a brain teaser: how does the chest open? If you find this out, you work your way deeper into the coffin through riddles, locks and other puzzles.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is, as you’d expect, a room you have to try to escape from. But your muscles won’t help you here, only your brains can! The room is designed to take you and the rest of your team on an adventure full of mind games and riddles. Solve them all and get out on time! The main skills you will need to succeed and make it out are: observation, logic and cooperation.


Inscape Challenge is a completely new and unique gaming experience!

Together with a team of family, friends or colleagues, you have the goal of solving a game of riddles and traps.

With every solution you come closer to the conclusion.

Will you manage in time?


The room:

Dear crew,

My name is Captain Jack Sparrow, captain of the Black Pearl, at least I hope to be back soon. My ship was taken by my mate Barbossa after I told him about a treasure. I was left on Rum Island with a gun with 1 bullet …. intended for myself, but I managed to escape. I saved that bullet for Barbossa and I am sure that the Black Pearl will soon be mine again.

  • Participants: a maximum of 6 people per group

  • Duration per group: 1 hour max

  • Age: at least 10 years old



  • 1 hour / group: 60.00 per hour

  • 2 hours / groups: 55.00 per hour

  • 3 hours / groups: 50.00 per hour