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Climbing at Fun Forest Climbing Parks
A unique, fun, active and safe experience of nature!

Climb up if you dare!

Welcome to our forest. Climb up the trees and feel the forest. For three hours you climb from tree to tree. Whether you are young or old, Tarzan or Jane, everyone is welcome to climb at Fun Forest. The only thing you have to take with you is a bit of courage.

In our climbing park, you move through ropes, ladders, bridges, and ziplines through the trees. In our climbing parks, you will find in total 30 courses, from 4 to 15 meters high. Our instructors supervise from the ground and help you when needed. Of course, we provide the climbing equipment, such as a belt and helmet.

The climbing experience at FunForest Rotterdam takes about 3 hours.


Climbing Rotterdam

Fun Forest Rotterdam has 7 different courses which can be climbed.

Length norm
The courses run in terms of height and difficulty, and that is why we use a minimum length standard for each course with an advisory age. Children of 1.30 m in level 4 and 5 need guidance from a climbing adult, up to 4 children per adult.

  • 1.20 m. – Advisory age from 7 years

  • 1.30 m. – Advisory age from 8 years

  • 1.50 m. – Advisory age from 12 years