Disc GolfDe Zeetoren Disc Golf

From €9.95
At the Zeetoren you have the opportunity, among other activities, to play disc golf in the nature around the impressive building. Golf with a twist, a fun and relaxing activity in which you have to get a frisbee in a metal basket. Afterwards you can enjoy a bite or a drink at the cafe.
Disc golf is a relaxing activity where you also need to use some precision skills. In short, a perfect activity with friends or family. You play, just like with golf, to reach the ‘hole’ in as few strokes as possible. Only here you have a frisbee instead of a ball, your hand instead of the club and instead of the ‘hole’ a metal cage into which the frisbee must be thrown!



  • Mon to Fri: € 9.95

  • Weekend: € 10.95