ClimbingDe Klimmuur

From €7.50
Klimmuur Rotterdam is situated just of the Kralingse Bos and, the only real climbing wall in Rotterdam. With a height of 17.5 metres and 51 top-ropes, this is one of the biggest climbing walls in the Netherlands.
Last year a big renovation resulted in bigger bar area, a climbing shop and especially lots of new routes!
Klimmuur Rotterdam has a lot of climbing possibilities. We have got a total of over 120 routes in a wide array of grades for starters to very experienced climbers. These routes are set on reclining, vertical and overhanging climbing walls. The highest point in at the climbing wall is 17.5 metres!

The climbing wall made up of 2 parts. Downstairs we have 38 top-ropes, perfectly suited for recreational and advanced climbers. On the first floor the walls are 13 metres in height including a reclining wall. Perfect for your first metres of climbing.



Introductionary Lesson
You have never climbed before? Then you could have an introduction lesson at klimmuur rotterdam. During this instruction you will learn how to climb safely. You’ll learn rope handling and how to keep each other safe: belaying. The instruction takes about half an hour. The instructor will stay with you until you can climb safely. Then you can climb to your hearts content. The instructor will still keep a watchful eye.

Costs and booking
An introduction lesson costs € 24,50 each. For an introductionary lessons at least 2 persons are needed. A group of 3 is even better, so you can have a back-up belayer. Make sure to have an appointment, so we can have an instructor ready for you. Kids should be accompanied by an adult.

Costs for an parent-child introductionary lesson are € 20,50 per child ( the adult doesn’t have to pay!)

What to bring and what to notice?
Comfortable sportswear and (clean) sneakers are all you need to bring.


We at de Klimmuur have an exciting and fun party for kids. Together with your parents and other adults you will first learn all about climbing. We’ll off course teach you how to climb well and safely. You have to understand how to work the ropes before you ‘ll reach the top. If you all understand and are able to apply this, you are ready to explore the walls. On different walls you can reach the top up to 16 meters in height. Quite exciting! Are you ready for this challenge?


Beware! The maximum difference in weight between climber and belayer should not be more than 15 kg.