Kite surfingDare 2 Kite

From €40
At Dare 2 Kite, safety and pleasure go first! You get a lot of attention, the lessons are tailored to your needs and there are no unnecessary chats, you get started quickly!
At Dare 2 Kite, safety and fun go first. The certified instructors use the BB talkin’ system and there is a maximum of 2 students per teacher. With so much attention you can make progress quickly. And the course does not really end at the last lesson because the teachers keep in touch with the old students to keep giving advice. Cozy ‘get togethers’ are also often organized.



As the name suggests, you are alone with the instructor during a private lesson. The lesson lasts 2 hours and is adapted to your needs. That is to say that your technique will be examined and attention will be paid to the points you can improve. Do you get the hang of it quickly? Then the teachers will keep challenging you. Are you still a little scared? No problem, they help you overcome your fear until you feel comfortable with the kite and on your board.

• € 60 per hour per person

• duration: 2 hours



You can also choose to take a lesson with a friend. The advantage is that the price is cheaper per person and you can support and encourage each other. After the lesson you then also have a kitesurf ‘buddy’ with whom you can start kitesurfing independently.

• € 40 per hour per person

• duration: 3 hours