Coasteering is a thrilling combination of swimming, cliff jumping and rock climbing. This unique sport allows you to explore the Algarve coastline from a new perspective.


Thrilling adventure
Combination of climbing, swimming and jumping
Tailormade trips
Experienced guides


Whether you’re an experienced thrill seeker or new to coasteering, the professional and friendly guides will take you on an adventure you will never forget! 

Coasteering are perfect for groups, families with children and individuals. You’ll be provided with top of the range coasteering safety equipment for your 3 hour adventure, during which you will swim in the crystal clear water of the Algarve coast, jump from extraordinary heights and explore hidden caves.

For the perfect activity for your holiday in the Algarve, look no further…

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  • What equipment do I need for coasteering?
    Before your adventure, the guide will kit you out with safety equipment including a helmet, a buoyancy aid, a wetsuit and protective gloves to help you when rock climbing. All that you will need to bring is a towel and a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.

  • Who is coasteering for?
    Coasteering is a sport for everyone! The sessions are designed to make coasteering available for anyone in good health regardless of ability or experience. It’s a great sport for individuals, groups and families big & small! Each coasteering session will be tailored to the ability of the group. If there are jumps or climbs that you don’t feel up to, always  an easy and fun alternative is provided. Likewise the coasteering sessions can be made more accessible for smaller children so they get the extra attention they need.

  • Do I need to be a certain age?
    All participants must be over 8 years old.

  • Is Coasteering safe?
    The experienced guides have a wealth of experience in the ocean, whether coasteering, surfing or paddling. They have a comprehensive knowledge of all of the activity sites and every aspect of the operation has been extensively risk assessed. All guides are qualified first aiders and are fully insured for the activity. This company prides themselves on their safety procedures.

  • Do I need to know how to swim?
    Although swimming is a key component of coasteering, you don’t have to be an experienced swimmer for this activity. The wetsuits and buoyancy aids will keep you afloat when you’re in the water and the guides are extremely patient with non-swimmers and always on hand to show you exactly where to go and what to do – just mention the booking if you’re a weak swimmer upon booking so they can tailor the session appropriately. The guides also carry a range of swimming aids to ensure that you’re always in safe hands.

  • How much does it cost to go coasteering?
    Coasteering sessions are priced  at 50 euros per person during low season (October – May) and 55 euros per person during high season (June – September). This includes pick up/drop off (between Sagres & Lagos), all safety equipment, photographs of your coasteering adventure and fully qualified and experienced guides.

  • How long does coasteering last?
    Coasteering  sessions are 3 hours long (including full safety brief and introduction to the activity).

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