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Embark on an educative adventure to discover bird species and maybe see dolphins!

Are you spending some time in Algarve and you would like to try some birdwatching?

Whether you are looking for a short birdwatching experience, or you have never done birdwatching before, this is a perfect tour for you.

This Pelagic Boat Trip is done in partnership with Beachut Water Sports and leaves from Praia da Luz or Lagos. You will be at sea in Lagos bay and try to see species hard to see from the coast. They will be attracted by bait prepared previously. It will be possible to see Gannets, various species of Shearwaters, Storm-Petrels, Gulls, Skuas and Phalaropes. This trip will also provide nice views of the coast and maybe dolphins!

Minimum number of participants: 7

Duration: 3 hours
Price: €45 per person
Day: on Saturdays

All the activities led by A Rocha Life Portugal aim to have an ecological footprint that is as small as possible. All their tours are carbon neutral.
Their profits are 100% reinvested in nature conservation and environmental education, through A Rocha Portugal conservation and education programmes.

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