Stand Up PaddlingAlbufeira Coast SUP Tour

The activity starts at the beach with a quick lesson for everyone and once we're all geared up we'll hit the water and start practicing on our paddling skills.
It doesnt matter if you’re standing up, kneeling or sitting down, but as long as everybody’s having fun and paddling comfortably, we’ll start the tour and we’ll explore the coast, its secret beaches and some awesome caves we have around Albufeira. The Coast of Albufeira has some hidden beaches and sea caves that are only accessible by the sea so our tours are the best way to explore the area and get to know all these amazing places. This tour starts at Coelha Beach and includes passing by the secret “Ninho da Andorinha Beach”, São Rafael Beach and Arrifes Beach.

  • Minimun age for SUP Tours: 8 years old

  • Swimming skills are mandatory (although everybody has to wear a life-jacket)

  • Special prices may apply to groups larger than 10 persons

  • Pick-up service is available at no extra fee and should be booked directly with SUP Albufeira. This service is only available in the area of Albufeira

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